Not to be confused with the queen of the first or second Jawbreakers.
The Trap-Jaw Queen
The first trap-jaw Queen
General Information
Species Odontomachus sp.
Status Deceased
Other Information
When Caught December 2016 or earlier
Where Caught On a windowsill of Mikey's building
Death March 2017 or earlier
Cause of Death Likely due to her not being fertilized

The Trap-Jaw Queen was an ant presented on AntsCanada.


August 2017Edit

In  A MONSTER ANT BATTLE feat. Trap-jaws, Weaver Ants, Marauder Ants, the Trap-Jaw Queen was introduced.

March 2017Edit

The first trap-jaw Queen (RIP)

The Trap-Jaw Queen, dead

In MY NEW TRAP-JAW ANT COLONY!, it was revealed that the Trap-Jaw Queen had died, likely because she wasn't fertilized.