The Tomb Raiders
The Tomb Raiders
General Information
Species Pharaoh Ants
Status Released
Territory Cairo's Drop (formerly)
Club Oasis (formerly)
Field of Aaru (formerly)
Nerfititi's Tunnel (formerly)
Sphinx Staircase (formerly)
The Osiris Underpass (formerly)
The Bridge of Horus (formerly)
The Garden of Alexandria (formerly)
The Garden of Anubis (formerly)
The Nubian Shelf (formerly)
The Pharaoh's Rise (formerly)
The Pyramids' Rise (formerly)
The Rosetta Stone Desert (formerly)
A garbage dump
Number of Queens Two
Other Information
Where Caught The Ant Room
When Established November 2017
When Released January 2018
The Tomb Raiders are a colony of pharaoh ants that were presented on AntsCanada until their release.

The Tomb Raiders are a sub-colony of the Savage Pharaoh Ants.


January 2018Edit

In WHY I RELEASED MY PET ANTS BACK INTO THE WILD - VERY SAD DAY!, Mikey decided that the best thing to do for the Tomb Raiders was to release them. However, he didn't want to release them where he caught them because pharaoh ants are an invasive species, so he decided to instead release them at a garbage dump.