The Titans
The Titans
General Information
Species Carebara diversa
Status Deceased
Territory The Garden of Eden
Number of Queens One
Other Information
When Established May 2017
When Disbanded January 2018 (confirmed)
The Titans were a colony of Asian Marauder Ants presented on AntsCanada.


May 2017Edit

The Titans

The Titans moving into their new home

The Titans (Queen)

The Titans' queen moving into her new home

The Titans were introduced in NEW ANT COLONY: MASSIVE SUPER MAJORS!, having been obtained through the GAN project and moving into their new home.

January 2018Edit

After having not been seen for weeks, in OH NO! ALL ANTS DEAD?!, Mikey decided to look for the Titans himself by digging into the Garden of Eden. He found several wild black crazy ants, earthworms, springtails and snails, but no Titans. He eventually found a decapitated Titan head. Although he couldn't tell if it belonged to a super major or the queen, Mikey kept digging and eventually found what appeared to be the queen's gaster segments. This confirmed that the Titans were officially dead.