The Millipedes
The Millipedes
General Information
Species Orthomorpha coarctata
Status Active
Territory Hacienda Del Dorado
Other Information
Where Caught The Philippines Jungle
When Established May 2017
The Millipedes are inhabitants of the Hacienda Del Dorado featured on AntsCanada.


May 2017Edit

The Millipedes were featured in ANTS vs GIANT MILLIPEDES, where they were introduced. Mikey  released one into the Hacienda Del Dorado to determine if it was safe to put the rest in. The millipede showed little to no reaction as the Golden Empire swarmed it, before suddenly sprinting away into the foliage. Mikey added a breeding pair of millipedes next, both also being swarmed by the Golden Empire, with the male roaming around aimlessly, while the female fell into one of the entrances to the Golden Empire's nest. After several attempts, she finally escaped, but ended up going back in, but escaped again. Mikey released the final millipedes into the foliage. The female disappeared around the corner, while the male lay motionless while the Golden Empire appeared to lost interest in him. Despite prefering to let nature take it's course, Mikey decided to retrieve the millipede's body, only to find that he had been playing dead. Mikey then released him into the foliage.