The Jawbreakers
The first Jawbreakers
General Information
Species Odonomachus infandus
Status Deceased
Number of Queens One
Other Information
When Established Prior to March 2017
When Disbanded July 2017
Cause of Disbandment Killed and eaten by the Savage Black Crazy Ants
The Jawbreakers were the first colony of Odonomachus infandus presented on AntsCanada.


After the previous trap-jaw queen ant passed away, likely as she hadn't mated, Mikey obtained a young colony of trap-jaw ants through the GAN project, which were voted to be named the Jawbreakers.

Later, the Jawbreakers later won a vote to inhabit a new terrarium. However, before they could move in, Mikey came home one day to find Savage Black Crazy Ants all over the container that the Jawbreakers lived in.
The first Jawbreakers (Deceased)

Mikey finds the Jawbreakers are gone

He shooed them away and searched for the Jawbreakers, only to find that they had been killed and eaten by the Savage Black Crazy Ants. There was no trace of the queen anywhere.


Mikey later obtained another trap-jaw ant colony, and decided to pass on the name Jawbreakers to them.