The Jawbreakers
The second Jawbreakers (Queen)
General Information
Species Odontomachus sp.
Status Unclear; unknown if the queen is fertilised
Number of Queens One
Other Information
When Caught Around late July to early August 2017
Where Caught Outside Mikey's window
The Jawbreakers are the second colony of trap-jaw ants presented on AntsCanada, and the second to be named the Jawbreakers.

Currently, the Jawbreakers consist of only the queen, who has not yet revealed herself to be fertilised.


August 2017Edit

In WOW! I CAUGHT SO MANY QUEEN ANTS!, it was revealed that Mikey had caught a trap-jaw queen ant outside his window shortly after the Titans moved into the Garden of Eden. He had also decided to name her future colony the Jawbreakers.

The current situation of the Jawbreakers is unknown.