The Carpenter Ants
The Carpenter Ants
General Information
Species Camponotus sp.
Status Active
Territory The Grove
Other Information
When Caught Prior to February 2018
Where Caught In a rotting bamboo stick
The Carpenter Ants are a colony of carpenter ants featured on AntsCanada.

This colony has not yet been officially named, being referred to as the Carpenter Ants until they are.


February-March 2018Edit

The Carpenter Ants (First)

The Carpenter Ants' introduction

In TELEPORTING CARPENTER ANTS?! (INCREDIBLE!), the Carpenter Ants were moved into the Grove. After three weeks of there being no sign of the Carpenter Ants, Mikey considered going into the Grove to find them, but decided to hold off. When he was watering the plants of the Grove, he found the enterance to their home.