Indotyphlops Braminus
Indotyphlops Braminus
General Information
Species Indotyphlops braminus
Status Deceased; buried in the Garden of Eden
Territory The Garden of Eden
Other Information
The snake was a flowerpot snake featured on AntsCanada.


August 2017Edit

The snake was first seen in ANTS vs. SNAKE, where it was seen slithering through the Garden of Eden. Mikey mistook it for a millipede at first, until he saw it's tongue, discovering that it was a snake. The next day, he researched the snake, discovering it's species and diet, which consists of ant larvae, eggs and pupae, revealing the snake to be a predator and direct threat to the Titans. He went into the Garden of Eden to search for the snake, but couldn't find it.

September 2017Edit

In CAPTURING AN ANT-EATING SNAKE!, the snake reappeared and Mikey promptly caught it, placing it into a small terrarium while he started a vote for the AC Family for vote on what to do with it:

  • Release it into the wild.
  • Place it into the Fire Nation, to be used as a means of population control.
  • Place it into the Golden Empire, to be used as a means of population control.
  • Release it into the Savage Black Crazy Ants' home as revenge for killing the first Jawbreakers.
  • Release it back into the Garden of Eden.
Indotyphlops Braminus (Body)

The snake, about to be buried

The AC Family voted for the snake to be released into the Savage Black Crazy Ants' home, but when Mikey went to get the snake to release it, he found that it had died for an unknown reason. He decided to bury it in the Garden of Eden, but felt terrible when he realised that he could see the snake's face, which appeared to give it a personality and made Mikey realise that the snake was never a bad guy, as it was just doing what it needed to do to live, just as the Savage Black Crazy Ants did while killing the Jawbreakers.